Pick & Place systems

A sustainable, logistic solution

Freshtech Solutions has a lot of experience with Pick and Place automation at multiple companies in different sectors. We distinguish ourselves by not only thinking along with you, but above all by thinking further. Moreover, we master all available techniques, so that we can really translate our out-of-the-box ideas into out-of-the-box systems and tailor-made machine construction. You can therefore make use of our expertise for Pick and Place automation.

Many Pick and Place systems use robots with multiple degrees of freedom or control axes. In other words, robots with which you can literally go in all directions. This often means overqualification and an unnecessarily large investment. At Freshtech Solutions, we therefore only start from the movement required for Pick and Place automation. In this way we bring essence and simplicity together in a system that is fully tailored to the specific production method of your company. A sustainable, logistical solution that takes your product from A to B with as few components as possible. That is not always the easiest way, but it is the shortest and the smartest.

Curious about an effective and efficient solution?

Simply put, pick and place automation is nothing more than picking up and moving something, which is what happens with machines. That is exactly what we do: put ourselves in the position of your problems and take up the challenge of developing a system that excels in effectiveness and efficiency. If you would like to take advantage of our expertise in Pick and Place automation, please contact us!

Chocolatery Guylian

In the Chocolaterie Guylian factory in Sint-Niklaas, the destacking and placing of the blister trays was done manually for many years. Automation of this process would result in a huge increase in production and cost reduction. Freshtech developed a unique tray denester that could be perfectly integrated into the existing production environment. Clear, fast and efficient were the keywords!

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