Banding machine – single head

Sustainable, innovative and representative

Would you like to use less packing material and still keep your product fully protected? Would you like an environmental and sustainable packaging and safe costs as well? The single banding machine off Freshtech Solutions can help you! With our banding machine, a proven efficient and effective packaging machine is able to reduce or eliminate plastic foil or even replace an entire box with an innovative, sustainable and representative wrapping tape.

Pursuing circularity with a banding machine

At Freshtech Solutions we notice that circularity is the new standard. Less packing material, waste and plastic is desired. Whether is contains vegetable, fruit, chocolate or non-food such as towels, magazines and books, the banding machine can easily pack all these products in an ecological and responsible way. The wrap has a sustainable appearance, complemented with marketing information or surprisingly great looks to catch customers eye.


Which possibilities has the banding machine?

Our banding machine is fully adapted to your wishes and demands. Upfront we analyze your production process and implement this in the production line. With a single banding machine you have the possibility to set up several packages, with severe characteristics and volumes.



The banding machine has a capacity of 20 – 35 punnets per minute. The machine is equipped with a touchscreen display which gives a clear overview of the performances and the machine functions. A product change can easily be done by the touchscreen display, quick and efficiently with a minimum of downtime. Efficiency is our keyword!

Looking for more capacity? Have a look at our double head banding machine, where the capacity is up to 60 punnets a minute.


Unique wrapping tape for an extraordinary product

Different packages requests different tapes/wrapping ribbons. Tape width may vary and can easily be switched between 25 to 60mm, whatever suits the package most. The wrap settings of the tape can be adjusted to strength (how strong the tape is wrapped on the package) or by the length of the tape. This results in a lot of freedom and flexibility which contains in efficient use. With this banding machine you can create a sustainable packaging, and still give personal touch to your own representative package.


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We believe that every production line has its own unique characteristics and check upfront your package solutions before building a machine or optimizing your production line.

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