Automatic weighing and banding machine

Innovative, efficient and precise

Do you give away free products due to inaccurate weighing? Do you have trouble finding suitable staff? Or are you searching for process optimalisation, where you can save up to 50% of labor costs?

The automatic weighing & banding machine is an ergonomic, flexible and compact product line, where the entire process of weighing, bundling and banding can be automated in one machine. The machine is suitable for wrapping zucchini’s, sweet point peppers, leek, asparagus, carrots and rhubarb.

How does it work?

The zucchini’s, sweet point pepper, asparagus, cucumbers or other products will be put manually in the 10 weighing units. A combination of these 10 products is made based on the preset weight. Naturally, the imported products are handled with care so that quality is guaranteed. The banding machine creates a bundle by bringing the loose products together with a personalized band. The bundle is carried out using a conveyor belt that, if desired, can be connected to a turntable.



The automatic weighing and banding machine has a capacity of up to 24 packages/min per line. Depending on the desired production speed within your business process, multiple lines can be placed next to each other, increasing the overall capacity.


Automated production line

When multiple systems are placed next to each other, there is also the option to connect a general conveyor belt system, which transports the banded products to a turntable. This way, all bundles, from all machines, end up in one central location. Supplying product automatically to each independent packing positions is also included in the automatic weighing & banding line from Freshtech.


In combination with your flowpacker

The automatic weighing and banding machine can also be connected to a flow pack line which gives you all the benefits. In this combination, the automatic weighing and banding line bundles the products and positions them between the chain of the flowpacker. When multiple automatic weighing lines are connected in-line to the flow packer, a total capacity of up to 4000 packages per hour can be achieved.


Curious about the possibilities?

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