Hygienic conveyor belts

Food safe and efficient

How simple would it be if a conveyor belt could be easily disassembled for cleaning? This saves you time, realizes considerable cost savings, but above all you easily meet the hygiene requirements in your production environment. Freshtech Solutions has developed food-safe and hygienic stainless steel conveyor belts for use in a production environment where hygiene is essential. This conveyor belt can be used for all types of goods, both loose bulk goods and packaged goods.

The characteristics

The conveyor belt has round surfaces (frame) and an adjustable side guide. The adjustable side guide ensures that products of different sizes are transported safely. The conveyor belt has an open structure and is easy to disassemble and therefore easy to clean. The hygienic conveyor belts are available in various versions. Think of a stainless steel motor, made of stainless steel 304 or 316 with a closed or open conveyor belt, removable side guide and IP66 control box. Depending on your wishes, our experts make your design possible. In this way you choose a conveyor belt that best suits your production process and you realize a maximum output.


At Freshtech Solutions you have access to a team of engineers that develop a conveyor belt or other machines based on your requirements. For years we have been the specialist in the field of hygienic conveyor belts. Standard machines often do not have the requirements or possibilities as you would like to see. That is why we believe in the power of a standard product with a custom adjustment. Are you curious about how the multifunctional conveyor belt fits into your production environment? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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