Universal denester and Pick & Place at Chocolaterie Guylian

No concessions by thinking differently

In the Chocolaterie Guylian factory in Sint-Niklaas, the destacking and placing of the black blister trays was done manually for years. Automation of this process would result in a huge increase in production and cost reduction. Freshtech Solutions was allowed to engineer, manufacture and commission this project with success.

More ease of work, more safety, more hygiene

Destacking and placing the blisters always happened manually on the working place at Guylian. For the new automated system this was immediately the main focus point. The experience teaches that it is always better to connect as much as possible on the current working situation. You create more acceptance and it avoids unseen issues that a new working situation can bring. Above all a ‘low’ system provides more ease of work and safety, because no blisterstocks needs to be brought to a high terrace. And more hygiene, because there is no risk on falling objects or pollution from above.


Fast, accurate and food safe

Freshtech Solutions was looking for a suitable place to allow the blisters to flow into the production process and designed a system that fitted seamlessly with the existing production line. A special feature here was that the production line at Guylian consists of four rows of transport carriers. Freshtech Solutions therefore developed a four-track buffer conveyor, a denester that simultaneously destacks four blisters, and a Pick & Place robot that places them on the transport carriers in one go. The system works on the basis of reliable vacuum techniques, whereby suction cup stamps denest and pick up the vulnerable blisters ‘with care’. The suction cups are made of high-quality plastic and of course Food Proof. All automated operations are fully synchronized and have a ‘branch time’ of two seconds per four blisters.

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