About Freshtech Solutions

Knowledge of fresh produce, food & technology

Freshtech Solutions is an engineering bureau and a machine builder in one. In other words, what we come up with, we develop ourselves. We understand fresh produce, food and technology and our principles for a new machine are always efficiency, cost savings and user-friendliness. This often requires customization that is completely focused on the specific wishes of the user. Of course, existing (partial) solutions are also examined. But where things can be done better, more efficiently and cheaper, Freshtech always comes up with new ideas. That is who we are, out-of-the-box thinkers with an understanding of fresh produce, food and technology.


Collaborating, with an emphasis on working together

We also do the designing together with you. After all, you know best what work you have to perform and what you need a machine for. We provide a compact machine that can be effectively implemented in your packaging process. Your production process is improved by a new or modified machine. This saves you a lot of time and money and allows you to focus on other activities within your organization. We will provide you with a surprising solution for every problem, so that you can continue to grow with your company.


In addition to efficiency, cost savings and user-friendliness, reliability and sustainability are also important starting points for us. All this requires creative ideas that we develop together with you into practical solutions. That’s what Freshtech Solutions does every day.

Your business continuity comes first

Machines play a key role in the production process for many companies. You must not only be able to rely on those machines, but also on the company behind those machines. Freshtech Solutions’ Technical Service is therefore always ready with fast and adequate solutions.

Technieken die wij beheersen

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Exclusive representative MAF RODA Agrobotic

Since 2009, Freshtech Solutions has been the exclusive representative of MAF RODA Agrobotic for the Netherlands and Belgium. MAF RODA, in short, is the world’s largest and most leading automation company for the fresh produce sector. MAF RODA guarantees top quality and has been an absolute A-brand for decades. For more information about MAF RODA products, please visit maf-roda.com. You can of course also contact Freshtech Solutions.

MAF Roda

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