Folding top and sealed packaging line

Flexible and efficient

One of Freshtech Solutions’ latest developments is the folding top and sealed packaging line. Packaging a high volume of fruit in standard cardboard trays with a flap lid, whereby the whole is sealed with a representative and informative label on the side of the packaging. That is the purpose of this machine.

How does it work?

The folding top and sealed packaging line of Freshtech Solutions BV uses guides to fold the cardboard tray into shape. This makes it easy to fill the folded tray with fruit. In the middle part, 3 workstations of 1 m have been created to position the fruits in the tray. This number can be adjusted to what fits within the business process. The shell is then folded and sealed without damaging the fruits and tray. A nice label with company logo can be placed as a seal for the personal touch.


The folding top and sealed packaging line has a capacity of 65 to 90 trays per minute. The tray can have different shapes and sizes, to be filled with various fruits.

Apply mandatory coding

There is also an option to apply coding to the tray, a brand logo and/or barcode. The cartridge printing solution is easy to use and simple to maintain. A cartridge can be changed quickly and easily and does not use any solvents. This way you immediately comply with the mandatory coding.

Checkweigher, denesting and other combinations

The machine is easy to combine and expand with the universal denester of Freshtech Solutions. We can also integrate a checkweigher to check the weight of the tray. A turntable at the end of the line is also an option.


Curious about the possibilities?

Are you curious about how the folding top and sealed packaging line fits into your production environment? Please contact us directly to discuss the possibilities.

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